Territories of Inspiration

After over fifty years of working with tapestry as my main mode of expression I have decided to emphasize pastel painting as the area of my creative output.  Tapestry involved collecting images either through memory or working in a secondary medium such as pastel painting, collage, sketches, or photographs.  What was originally a secondary medium has become, over the years, more prominent, expedient, and accessible to me than tapestry weaving.  It was a natural evolution that was apparent in how I spent my creative time: the hours spent painting increased while the time spent weaving decreased.

The possibilities of the blank rectangle now fill themselves with images that I have collected and excitedly refer to as my Territories of Inspiration, whatever they may be.  Creative energy continues to evolve as does my creative output.  I am ever grateful that I am able to continue to explore the lavish world of color and impressions with the pure pigments known as pastels.



*   June 14 – July 20, 2019:  Territories of Inspiration,  Fuller Lodge Art Center, Portal Gallery, Los Alamos NM.