My creative output is divided between pastel works and woven tapestry.  When I am working on a pastel, land and sky suggest color and composition that I organize on various types of pastel board or papers.  Landscape is a favorite theme because of its variety, convenience, and its infinite ability to inspire. Often I work on small sketches with a variety of materials such as colored pencils, graphite, and various types of pens.  The sketches can be likened to a snapshot receiving my general impressions of a wide area or small details.  I also work from photographs taken on locations far and wide.  Whatever the means, it is always drawing that is the creative essence of a work, either a pastel or tapestry. The sketches and pastels of the land are synthesized into an interpretation of ideas that I translate into woven tapestries.  The collection of visual material is important to my process of designing a tapestry.